Exhibitor Registration 1 year


One year Individual Exhibitor Registration.

This covers an individual or a partnership or a family – all one flat price.


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One year Iindividual Exhibitor Registration.

It is a requirement for any exhibitor wishing to exhibit their birds at an affiliated club’s show to be registered as an exhibitor with the Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc (FCAQI). The funds collected from this registration enables the FCAQI to subsidise the Public Liability Insurance that all clubs are required to have, provide training and education workshops and seminars, sponsorship for clubs, help  maintain the Aviculture and Poultry Museum, supply complimentary show calendars and newsletters to all affiliated clubs, helps with costs for maintaining the FCAQI website along with covering the day to day costs of running the FCAQI.

It is a requirement of the FCAQ Inc that all exhibitors must be registered with the FCAQ Inc, before exhibiting at any show conducted by an affiliated body. The Registered Exhibitor Number issued by the
FCAQ Inc must be quoted when entering exhibits for any affiliated club’s show. This Number remains in force until December 31 of the year of expiry.