The FCAQI today received Information on the confirmation of pigeon rotavirus in Queensland as follows:

Laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of rotavirus in pigeons in a loft in the Wide Bay region of Queensland. This is the first detection of rotavirus in pigeons in Queensland.

The disease in the present case of rotavirus presented as lethargy, watery-green diarrhoea, and crops filling up with water and mucous, progressing to death. The clinical signs have now abated in this loft , but more than 100 pigeons, or 10% of the loft, have died since mid-January. This presentation is similar to that seen in lofts affected by rotavirus in other states.

Please find attached document on rotavirus compiled by the Australian government from the experiences of other states. The photographs are provided courtesy of Dr C. Walker.

Pigeon owners are encouraged to be vigilant on their biosecurity. There is no vaccine available against rotavirus.

If you see unusual disease or high rates of sickness or death, please seek veterinary advice and contact Biosecurity Queensland on telephone 13 23 25. There is no requirement on movement control or destruction of infected birds, but it is important to observe general biosecurity obligation to prevent any spread of the disease in Queensland.



Nina Kung PhD, MSc, BVSc, BVM
Principal Veterinary Epidemiologist
Office of Chief Veterinary Officer
Animal Biosecurity & Welfare, Biosecurity Queensland
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries