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Promoting and fostering the breeding and exhibition of purebreed and heritage poultry, waterfowl, turkeys, pigeons, pheasants, canaries and cage birds. We aim to assist in the preservation of the history of aviculture and in the promotion of the standard breeding and exhibition of poultry and other ornithological pursuits.

Australian Poultry Standards


The Australian Poultry Standards and the Addendum can be purchased from the Victorian Poultry Fanciers Association website. The website hosts an online store where you can purchase the texts and have them posted to you.

The Australian Poultry Standards edition 2 was published in 1998 and the Addendum was published in 2012 after the successful importation of a number of purebreeds from the United Kingdom.  Another Addendum update is planned for the future.





Australian Poultry Standards 2nd Edition

Australian Poultry Standards Edition 2 Addendum 2016


FCAQI Calendar

The 2017 FCAQI Show Calendar is now able to be ordered. It contains a calendar of events, Club advertisements, other advertisements, Judges Register and Club Contacts for affiliated Clubs in Qld.

To place an order and have your copy posted out, use the form at this link to send in your details. The calendar is expected to be released by late December.

Order Form Link




Judging & Stewarding Guidelines

The 2nd edition of the Judging and Stewarding Guidelines is now available.

A5 size and wire bound with 80 pages including colour photos and black and white illustrations. It is a significant upgrade on the first edition in terms of both text and quality of presentation. It includes the FCAQI Judges Code of Ethics, Judging Tips, Judging Online Ethics, Judging Waterfowl, Judging Eggs, Stewards and Their Important Role, Words of Wisdom from Esteemed Judges and notes about common defects and nomenclature. We recommend this publication to all exhibitors, stewards and judges. It can be purchased for the price of $15.00 from the FCAQI Secretary. (email secretary@qldpoultry.com)


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