The Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc is the state body representing the poultry clubs of Queensland.

The Association offers registration for individuals enabling them to exhibit poultry at events run by affiliated clubs, a list of contacts, judges panel lists, steward and judge training and mentoring, and provides public liability insurance to its members. There are approximately 60 affiliated member clubs throughout Queensland. 

The FCAQI was originally formed in 1959 under the title of “All Feathered Clubs Advisory Council (AFCAC) (Qld).” Some history of the management of the Association can be found on the FCAQ Inc page and the makeup of the current committee is on the Committee page.    


White Toulouse Goose Standard Approved!

The standard for the Toulouse Goose has been updated to include the colour White. The application to have white included in the standard has been approved by state representatives and is now eligible to be exhibited and awarded prizes. A link to the new standard can...
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Pigeon Rota Virus Update

As a follow-up to our earlier information on the pigeon rota virus outbreak, we have made contact with Colin Walker, an Avian Vet in Melbourne.  He has advised us that AgriBio is currently investigating what other species, if any , can be infected by Rota. Anecdotal...
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2017 FCAQI Position Nominations

Please note there are 14 entries and you can display all fourteen by selecting a number higher than 10 in the entries field at the top of the table.
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Help a Club!

There are a large number of clubs in Queensland and beyond that require ongoing assistance and funraising to keep them viable.  Some don't have their own facilities and may have limited or no sources of income. This can apply to our specialist breed clubs and also our...
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Pigeon Rotavirus Confirmed in Qld

The FCAQI today received Information on the confirmation of pigeon rotavirus in Queensland as follows: Laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of rotavirus in pigeons in a loft in the Wide Bay region of Queensland. This is the first detection of rotavirus in...
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Notice of Meeting

Copy of AGM Notice as sent to Affiliated Clubs by mail and email: NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc. will be held on Sunday 19 March 2017 at...
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Richard Porter EKKA Youth Sponsorships 2017

The Feather Clubs  Association of Queensland is pleased to be sponsoring the newly launched Richard Porter EKKA Youth Sponsorships.   Applications are open until 28 Feburary 2017 for this year's intake. Winners to be chosen by the end of March. In...
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Biosecurity Update

The following is a letter written by Australia's Chief Veterinary Officer, Mark Schipp and forwarded to the FCAQI by Biosecurity Queensland. Dear Industry Member,   I am writing to inform you about significant developments in the spread of H5N8 highly...
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  • Keep equipment, yards and pens clean

  • Avoid contact with wild birds

  • Keep water clean and uncontaminated

  • Practise hygeine at shows

  • Limit visitors to property

  • Quarantine birds to property

  • Know signs of disease

  • Consult with experts when necessary

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Australian Poultry Standards Edition 2

The APS is the official breed standard for exhibition poultry in Australia and can be purchased from the VPFA website linked belowin either standard or limited edition. It is hard covered, in excess of 350 pages with 168 full coloured illustrations and includes the breed descriptions.

Edition 2 was published in 1998 and the Addendum was published in 2012 after the successful importation of a number of purebreeds from the United Kingdom.

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Judging & Stewarding Guidelines

A4 size and wire bound, 80 pages including colour photos and black and white illustrations. Including:

  • FCAQI Judges Code of Ethics,
  • Judging Tips,
  • Judging Online Ethics,
  • Judging Waterfowl,
  • Judging Eggs,
  • Stewards and their Important Role,
  • Words of Wisdom from Esteemed Judges
  • Notes about common defects

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Judging & Stewarding Workshops

The Feather Clubs Association of Qld runs workshops on stewarding and judging when the need arises.  These are both physical workshops and online workshops to help new stewards and judges throughout the entire state of Queensland.  To register interest in the next available course, contact the secretary at

Aviculture & Poultry Museum

The Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc has an Avicultural and Poultry Museum, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, located at the Caboolture Historical Village.

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Help A Club!

Selling birds?  Consider selling through the Help-A-Club facebook site and contribute a portion of your sale price to a poultry club of your choice.

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